Hi! I’m Carrissa!

Confession – I’m not a nurse.

A little about me. I live in Ohio. I’m a mom to 4 children. I have one adult daughter, one obnoxious 17 yo son, one bordering on hating me 15 yo daughter and one 10 yo girl who still loves me. I love burritos and chocolate and have a mega fear of needles. I went to law school and practiced law for some time before I realized I hated it. I taught myself how to make jewelry. And now I make a lot of great jewelry.

I decided at the beginning of Covid that I wanted to help nurses in some way and felt I could maybe make a small difference in the world.  I started making stethoscope charms. And then I made a lot of them. And that led me to thinking about doing more for nurses!

Hence the birth of Nightingales Mail. It’s a subscription box for nurses…but not your average box. Because, guess what? I’m not average and you’re not average. Who wants a nurse box filled with hand sani, masks, hand lotion and bath bombs? B-O-R-I-N-G. Don’t you already have enough of that stuff?

Our boxes are way different than what’s already out there. Cuz guess what? You’re a nurse, but you’re also a human. So we give you a useful item for work, but not everything in our box is for work. We give you girly goodies. The box is all about fun, because although I’m not a nurse, I do know FUN! It’s all a mystery until it arrives because surprises are THE BEST!

Send me an email to say hi! I would love to get to know you better! Can’t wait for you to join our amazing Nurse Fam!