5 Best Vacation Destinations for Nurses

Woman on the beach in a hammock

Top 5 Vacation Destinations for a Nurse

Goodness knows every nurse on the planet deserves a vacation this year more than ever before! Trying to get time off might still be the major hurdle, but once you get some clearance, here are 5 places to visit for some tried and true fun. 

For the Outdoor Adventurer Nurse

Picture of Mount Rainier in Washington

For the nurse who prefers outdoor adventures, we think Seattle, Washington is the best place for a vaca! Now you can only go in August as it’s raining all the other months, but Seattle has it all! Great hiking, boating and a short distance away, the mountains. Whether it’s a short trip to the Mount Saint Helens volcano or jet skiing on Puget Sound, Seattle makes a great place for the outdoor gal! 

For the Nurse Who Prefers Secluded Beaches

Beach and sand

For a non-touristy and non-crowded secluded beach, you can’t go wrong with Holden Beach, North Carolina. Once you go down the intercoastal bridge, step back into another world where there is nothing to do but you and the beach. A couple of restaurants, a pier and an ice cream shop will have you making your own fun on the daily. You can rent bikes and travel around the town, play games or make sand castles, or catch up on your reading in this secluded part of the country. Holden Beach is a great place for a nurse to escape the stress of the job.

Pretty Scenery Nurse

Woman hiking in the desert

Some of the most amazing scenery in this country is in Sedona, Arizona. Rent a car and drive through the desert to see some interesting cacti species. Stay at any one of a hundred different spas where you can get pampered day and night. Sedona is an amazing relaxing place for any stressed out nurse! 

Foodie Nurse

Pancakes with syrup and bananas and Cincinnati, Ohio

Is your idea of a vacation eating the most treasured delicacies and making the rounds of different kinds of food? Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the newest top rated places to try your hand at eating at some amazing restaurants. From Greek to Indian to Thai and Italian, Cincinnati is more than a chili joint. The best ice cream ever made is at french pot goodness (aka Graeters) and if food is your thang, Cincinnati has it all! 

Nurse Needs Retail Therapy

If your idea of relaxation is to shop til you drop, no better place than New York City. Shop all day on 5th Avenue and take in an amazing Broadway show at night. What’s not to love about the city that never sleeps?